Susan Pasquariella

In celebration of APLIC-I 50th Anniversary, we are posting profiles of many of our retired former members.  We are also seeking current contact information for colleagues who should be appearing in this blog or attending our Chicago Conference April 24-26 2017.  Please contact Jean Sack with former member information / your profile!

Susan Pasquariella is also enjoying retirement, although she hadn’t been able to do as much travelling as she and her husband would have liked because of her mother’s health.  In 2009, Bernie still had a small private practice and that had its own demands.

She wrote the following in a 2009 email: I didn’t really pursue consulting after I left UNFPA, although I did do some work for Columbia University.  I had planned to do volunteer work at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center but several of our close friends have become ill and passed away recently and the prospect of spending even more time in a hospital is not so appealing at the moment. On a happier note, I’ve tried to keep in touch with some APLIC-I colleagues and have promised to donate my large collection of APLIC Conference Proceedings to the archives.  Bernie is pushing to deliver them to Margie and Julia in person some time during 2010 Spring.  This is really an excuse to sample the North Carolina barbeque, but it would be fun to see everyone again.  I do miss the APLIC collegiality.

In 2016, Susan has actively been sharing APLIC-I contacts with Jean Sack to pursue for updates!

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