Conference 2014 – Demonstrating the Value of Corporate Libraries

Presenters : James M. Matarazzo, Toby Pearlstein

I found this session to be most pertinent, with important points about establishing and maintaining our value as knowledge management professionals. The presenters are highly qualified on the subject.

Perceived central point : Librarians need to work every day to demonstrate that what they do is essential to the strategic direction of the organization. That means knowing what that direction is and creating links to what we do to that aim.

Resources are slim in all organizations today, and there’s competition.

Favorite quotes :
“It’s not that they don’t like you . . . they want your space.”

“You don’t want them to like you . . . oh, it’s nice if they do. But what you want is that they respect you.”

Not a complete report, but feel free to add your comments . . . and check out the great slides.

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