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Lunch meet-ups begin in July

Sarah Burns (Pathfinder International) is coordinating a series of meet-ups where APLIC members can discuss topics of interest. The first one has been scheduled for July 15, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

The meetings will be hosted via GoToMeeting, with the link for the meeting being sent to members shortly before the event.

For further information, see the agenda

contact Sarah Burns.

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APLIC Show and Tell

During the 2015 Annual Conference Jean Sack coordinated a session dedicated to sharing resources and lessons learned. Here’s her report:

Although 8 APLIC members had planned to share on topics below in 3 short 20 minute sessions, time of start precluded 6 of the presentations. The actual two breakout groups discussed citation software and NIH requirements for manuscript uploads into PMC for access to peer-reviewed journal articles written under federal government grants.

Lori Rosman, Nykia Perez, Lori Delaney are willing to give a Webinar to APLIC members on NIH requirements for biographies, researcher NCBI bibliographies and federal grant-funded peer-reviewed research journal articles to be uploaded in full-text (publishers’ permissions or final manuscript versions) into PMC with a PMC ID number.

Jean Sack will post a PPT on encouraging HINARI use with our developing country national partners, MOHs, and universities. (See link after the table.)

Debra Dickson shared her PPT handout on a free sharing software, Medium. (See link after the table.)

Laurie Calhoun invited those interested in Open Access to join her for lunch,

Others are willing to share insights via a CoP format being proposed.


Amanda Berry Reference citation software Ask questions of group & discuss advantages of commercial (ENDNOTE, Reference Manager, Refworks) vs free (Mendeley, Zotero)
Lori Delaney How the Public Access affects our colleagues in uploading full-text of their research papers Demonstrate submitting a manuscript to the NIH Manuscript Submission system.NIH Public Access PolicySee a webinar from California!
Debra Dickson K4Health’s use of Medium, a blog publishing platform, as a way to talk about KM in our publication called ‘The Exchange’.
Laurie Calhoun Lead discussion of experiences with Open Access, what Funders’ Require. Intro Open Access Tutorials from UNESCO Directory of Open Access journals
Nykia Perez new NIH Biosketch requirement
Lori Rosman My NBCI for researcher’s bibliography and other docsOther government agency requirements From Claire: researchers are now not limited to linking to *publications*. They can list other products like databases, etc. and, myNCBI’s my bibliography allows you to enter citations that are not in PubMed manually (Federally Funded Research)
Jean Sack HINARI – tool for partners’ collaboration connection or just demo on PPT?
Jill Leonard Altmetrics tracks social media hits of academic papers like impact factor but on social media) to the original Explorer is still free for academic librarians and repository managers, just email to request a login.)



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Conference 2014 – Demonstrating the Value of Corporate Libraries

Presenters : James M. Matarazzo, Toby Pearlstein

I found this session to be most pertinent, with important points about establishing and maintaining our value as knowledge management professionals. The presenters are highly qualified on the subject.

Perceived central point : Librarians need to work every day to demonstrate that what they do is essential to the strategic direction of the organization. That means knowing what that direction is and creating links to what we do to that aim.

Resources are slim in all organizations today, and there’s competition.

Favorite quotes :
“It’s not that they don’t like you . . . they want your space.”

“You don’t want them to like you . . . oh, it’s nice if they do. But what you want is that they respect you.”

Not a complete report, but feel free to add your comments . . . and check out the great slides.

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