Mouth, watering

One thing I have noticed since I started hanging out with APLIC folks back in 2009 is that they know how to eat well. In 2010 it was Local, in Dallas; in 2011 it was Zaytinya, in Washington DC; in 2012 it was Osha Thai.

APLIC members at banquet

Happy diners at Osha Thai in San Francisco

Word is just in from our Conference banquet and tour team that this year’s banquet will be held at one of New Orleans’ signature dining spots, Mr. B’s Bistro. (Check out the review on CityEats.)

Interior of Mr. B's Bistro

Mr. B’s Bistro
photo: CityEats

We’re beginning to get blurbs on the talks, too, so you may want to visit the Conference Program page and see how things are developing.

We come to learn things, of course. Still, it’s really all about the people.

Urban Institute visit

APLIC members visit the Urban Institute in Washington DC, 2011

See you there.

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