Conference 2014 – Beth Kanter on content curation

Jean Sack offers this look at a dynamic and engaging opening session :

Like most librarians who organize, filter and make sense of information, Beth Kanter, author and IT consultant for Non-profits (, has made a career of “training attention” and scouting out new social impact spaces, monitoring blogging insights, filtering changing story collections, and sharing the best of these new findings very systematically with her social networks via her own wikis and blogs. She recommends “learning the new” from adjacent fields and social media experts such as Janet Hart (tagging content as a swift annotation technique), Huffington Post writer Bruce Jarche (First Focus scans children, health, welfare, rights articles, reads them for sensibility and then shares by tweeting the best resources), and Robin Good’s technique of validating news sites ( Kanter mentioned the program “Scoop it” as a content curation tool which ranks collections and their continued availability or sustainability. She suggested detangling social media sites such as Facebook by typing in keywords to find pages as a “crowd tangle” method utilized by media experts. To demonstrate impact of peer learning, APLIC conference participants divided into focus groups around four key ideas and posted ideas on wall charts to share with the rest of the group.

See the slides for more details and resources.

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