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APLIC-I Conference 2000
Knowledge in the Digital Age: Preservation, Dissemination and Training

What Preservation Activities are APLIC-I Libraries Involved In, Including Digitization?

By Wendy Brand, formerly of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Demography Information Services

Maryann Belanger moderated this discussion attended by Sheila Proudman and Wendy Brand. In our small group, no one was actively involved in any preservation or digitization efforts beyond online working papers, but were more interested in hearing what others were doing. We decided in our situations the lack of preservation efforts was due to the scarcity of staff time, money, and commitment from our parent organizations. Sheila then posed the question "If someone gave you $1,000,000 for a preservation or digitization project, what would you do?" Maryann had some unique international census items that she would preserve. Wendy would like to make the International Census Collection, currently on microfilm, more accessible to users. Wendy also suggested a permanent central digital warehouse for working papers, including digitizing old papers, to make the decision of how long to keep working papers easier to make for libraries.

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