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The APLIC listserv is a general list to allow APLIC members to communicate with one another.

This list should be used by APLIC members as a forum for sharing professional interests, experience, expertise, and knowledge related to the field of population studies and reproductive health.

One of the goals of the list is to provide population / reproductive health communication, information, and resource professionals with a worldwide network and community of professionals with a venue for the exchange of ideas, information, and resources. The list can be used to transmit information on opportunities for professional development and continuing education. The APLIC listserv list is a resource where members can go for guidance on technical questions and issues.

Only members who are subscribed to the list can post to the list. By allowing only members to post to a list Mailman, the listserv software, blocks spam from non-subscribers and blocks viruses from non-subscribers from being sent through the list.

To subscribe to the list:

Email the listserv moderator, William Fennie. (APLIC members only, please.)

To post to this list, send your e-mail to:


General information about the mailing list is at:


To manage your subscription to the list via your subscription page online (e.g., unsubscribe, change your e-mail address, switch to or from digest mode, change your password, select language preferences, etc.) go to:


(you must type in your actual e-mail address where the url above reads: youremailaddress)

You can also make such adjustments via e-mail by sending a message to:


with the word ‘help’ in the subject or body (don’t include the quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions.

You must know your password to change your options (including changing the password, itself) or to unsubscribe.

Normally, Mailman will remind you of your mailman.ssc.upenn.edu mailing list passwords once every month, although you can disable this if you prefer. This reminder will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe or change your account options. There is also a button on your options page that will e-mail your current password to you.

How to reply to a posting:

  • The listserv has been created so that, by default, replies to a posting go to the originator of the message only — not the whole list. This will help prevent the “Hi, haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?” syndrome which sometimes infects lists.
  • When you reply to a message, ask yourself, “Do I want this message to go to everybody on the list or just to the originator?” If to the originator, reply will work fine.
  • If you want the message to go to everybody, send it to: aplic-i@mailman.ssc.upenn.edu.

APLIC-I Listserv Archives (listserv members must log in to view archives)

Some miscellaneous tips:

  • Be judicious in the length of your replies. Cut out the parts of the reply that don’t apply to your comments.
  • If your only comment is “I agree,” consider not sending a message.
  • Having a listserv without a moderator means members have to recognize the purpose of the list and not abuse it. This means the APLIC-I list is for APLIC-I related business/questions/comments/info. It’s not for jokes (unless APLIC specific), announcements of items for sale, or stories about how incredibly cute your pets/kids are.
  • Anytime you’re tempted to send out mail about a new, incredibly dangerous virus to the entire list, use a Web search engine to look up the virus and find out if it’s a hoax. Virus announcements are undoubtedly one of the leading causes for list members to unsubscribe from a list.

Other comments, ideas, suggestions?

If you have any other hints, tips, etc. about listserv use, please contact William Fennie. He will compile them into a message that can be sent out periodically if there’s interest.

To get more information on how to use this mailing list:

Go to: http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/users.html

The list’s owner:

Nykia M. Perez
E-mail: nmperez@pop.upenn.edu
Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania