Speaker Bios – 47th Annual Conference

APLIC in Boston
Exploring the Collaborative Common Ground

April 28-30, 2014
Boston, Massachusetts

Marriott Copley Place Hotel


Beth Kanter is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits. Beth has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing. Beth is an internationally recognized trainer who has developed and implemented effective sector capacity building programs that help organizations integrate social media, network building, and relationship marketing best practices. Beth is an expert in facilitating online and offline peer learning, curriculum development based on traditional adult learning theory, and other instructional approaches. She has trained thousands of nonprofits around the world. – See more at: http://www.bethkanter.org/about-beth/

Presenters (in alphabetical order)

Sonia M. Barbosa Sonia M. Barbosa is the Manager of Data Acquisition and Archiving for IQSS, and Manager of the Murray Research Archive Dataverse. Her responsibilities include initiating outreach and acquisitions of data for the IQSS Dataverse Network and promoting the use and benefits of the Dataverse Network Project. Sonia leads monthly trainings on using the Dataverse Network services and provides support for users of the Dataverse Network. Sonia also manages the data housed at the Murray Archive. She is responsible for cataloging of the metadata, storage of data related to the archive, and data processing, preservation, and dissemination of the original holdings of the Archive. She holds a BA in psychology with a concentration in African American Studies from the College of the Holy Cross, 1995, and a BSN from Simmons College, 2009.

Sarah Burns has more than 6 years of information and knowledge management experience in a variety of organizational settings. At Pathfinder, Sarah is responsible for developing and maintaining Pathfinder’s library of external resources, the archive of internal Pathfinder publications, and providing access to both to staff worldwide through the SharePoint based intranet. Beyond institutional repository development, she provides reference services to all Pathfinder staff, is responsible for implementing information and knowledge management throughout the organization, and has developed an organizational taxonomy and metadata schema for the intranet. Prior to joining Pathfinder, Sarah developed and managed a records management project at Commonwealth Secretariat in London. She spent a year user testing, rolling out, and training over 3,000 employees on an integrated email-document management system at a municipal government in Canada. She has worked with Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, and McGill University doing knowledge management benchmarking reports, taxonomy development (primarily shared drive organization), and developing expertise locator systems. She received her MLIS from McGill University in 2009 and is an active member of APLIC, SLA, and the GHKC.

Eleni Castro has her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Eleni enjoys recording music, traveling and trying out new recipes for her friends and family to try.

Julia Cleaver has over fifteen years of population librarianship experience, including four years at IntraHealth and twelve years at Ipas, where she is currently the head librarian and manager of the Knowledge Services unit. In addition to traditional research librarianship, she has worked with colleagues to identify gaps in information and knowledge sharing, seeking solutions by bringing interested parties together to create tools and connections to bridge these gaps.

Sandra Hofferth is a former Director of the Maryland Population Research Center and a former co-Director of the Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics. She was Vice President of the Population Association of America in 2010. Her research interests are in American children’s use of time and later health outcomes, work and family, fathers and fathering, and family policy. She is Co-Director of the Social Observatories Coordinating Network (SOCN) project. Dr. Hofferth has researched family issues in the context of public policy for over thirty years, publishing three books and more than 100 articles and book chapters. She directs the Maternal and Child Health program in the Department of Family Science, University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Allison Long has worked in libraries for eight years and has been with Ipas for the past five, during which time she earned her MLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She regularly works with the Ipas Information Architect on SharePoint projects, and she currently serves as the SharePoint power-user for the Ipas Library.

Doug MacFadden, MS, is the director of informatics technology at the Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School. MacFadden is deputy director of the Bioinformatics Program and chief Informatics officer for Harvard Catalyst, charged with the development and implementation of informatics applications, networks, and platforms across the organization. He is leading the design and implementation of new and improved clinical research informatics tools for analyzing research data, and managing clinical trials and the application of Semantic Web technologies for search and discovery. He is also co-investigator of eagle-i (eagle-i.net), a consortium made up of nine member institutions that have built a national research resource discovery network – one that is helping biomedical scientists search for and find previously invisible, but highly valuable, resources. He is also co-investigator of open-i, an expansion of eagle-i.

Amanda Makulec is an M&E associate and program manager for John Snow Inc., and has worked in the intersection of monitoring, evaluation and communications for the past four years. Her work has taken her to South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania to work on activities ranging from designing user interfaces for reporting databases for program managers, to writing reports and briefs for USAID portfolios, to work on improving availability of, access to, quality, and use of data in immunization programs in Africa.  Amanda’s enthusiasm for data visualization is driven by the ways improved visuals can promote the use of information for decision making across the health system. She holds an MPH from Boston University School of Public Health, and is based in Washington DC.

Jim Matarazzo is Dean Emeritus and a Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College. His research has been published in numerous books and articles. His expertise has led to consulting engagements on the creation of corporate libraries and information centers, and the management of information for many corporations. He has held a wide range of leadership positions within SLA, including service on the SLA Board in the mid-1980’s. Jim is an SLA Fellow, and has received the SLA Professional Award and the SLA President’s Award.

Erica Nybro is the Virtual Communications Coordinator at the Demographic and Health Surveys Program.  She has been with The DHS Program for nearly 10  years, focusing on disseminating and communicating complex survey information. She has a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a specialty in International Maternal and Child Health.  Through The DHS Program, Erica has worked in Ghana, the Philippines, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda, and has developed materials for dozens of additional countries. Erica manages the virtual communications activities at The DHS Program, including web and social media activities, and the mobile app. She also enjoys working with journalists to support accurate use of data in reporting.

Toby Pearlstein retired from her position as Director of Global Information Services at Bain & Company, Inc. the global management consulting firm at the end of 2007. Her expertise is in the area of globalization of corporate information services and vendor portfolio management. She has served as Chair of the SLA Business & Finance Division and the Transportation Division, as well as holding various other positions on SLA Committees. Over the years she has shared her knowledge through the presentation of programs at SLA’s Annual Conference and at local Chapter meetings, as well as at ASIST Conferences and Internet Librarian Conferences. Toby is an SLA Fellow and was inducted into the SLA Hall of Fame.

Spokane-born, lifelong learner and teacher, Jean Sack spent early years teaching HS English in diverse settings (Oregon lumber town, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, University of Iowa Lab School, a Congolese nursing school, Baltimore Vietnamese resettled refugee families) before earning a masters in library science and moving to Bangladesh.  For 15 years, while her husband worked at Icddrb and their two children grew up in Bangladesh, Jean worked in the Dhaka American International School, established/improved other school and health libraries, taught computer skills, edited scientific papers, crafted website content, and worked for international agencies based in Dhaka.  During her years back in the USA, she worked in a private school, two public libraries,a special education school and devoted six years as Head, Information Core of the Hopkins Population Core where she specialized in reproductive health resources, population statistics, and research documentation,   She joined APLIC-I in 1993 and served on the Board.  Currently Jean works part time as a Public Health Informationist for Jhpiego’s ISTS at Fells Point in Baltimore, supports staff at MCHIP in DC and in offices around the developing world. Jean has also started 6 libraries in Burundi and Rwanda where her daughter works. Very much a hands-on, show-me learner, Jean enjoys using a variety of languages and communication techniques (especially new computer avenues) to teach what she has experienced to others.  Ask her about HINARI and other e-resources available for international health education.

Mr. Md. Nazim Uddin is a library professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field of information and library management including a remarkable range of experience in the field of medical librarianship. He worked for Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre and Forest Directorate libraries from 1987 to 1994. In his first tenure, Mr. Nazim worked for icddr,b Library as Librarian from the last quarter of 1994 to the first quarter of 2003. Then Mr. Nazim joined BRAC University (BU) and worked as Head of the BU Library. In the middle of 2004, he switched from BRAC University to East West University (EWU) and functioned as Head of EWU Library, where he spent more than four years. Now he has been working as Senior Manager and Head of icddr,b Library since July 2008 in different capacities.