Speaker Biographies – APLIC 45th Annual Conference

Golden Opportunity:
Information leadership in a time of change

April 30, May 1-2, 2012
San Francisco, California

Union Square Hilton Hotel


Lada A. Adamic is an associate professor in the School of Information and the Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan. She is also affiliated with EECS. Her research interests center on information dynamics in networks: how information diffuses, how it can be found, and how it influences the evolution of a network’s structure. Her projects have included identifying expertise in online question and answer forums, studying the dynamics of viral marketing, and characterizing the structure in blogs and other online communities. She is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, a University of Michigan Henry Russel Award, and best paper awards from Hypertext’08, ICWSM’10 and ’11, Web Intelligence’11.

Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian and Founder of the Internet Archive, has been working to provide universal access to all knowledge for more than twenty-five years. Since the mid-1980s, Mr. Kahle has focused on developing technologies for information discovery and digital libraries. In 1989 Mr. Kahle invented the Internet’s first publishing system, WAIS (Wide Area Information Server) system and in 1989, founded WAIS Inc., a pioneering electronic publishing company that was sold to America Online in 1995. In 1996, Mr. Kahle founded the Internet Archive which may be the largest digital library. At the same time, he co-founded Alexa Internet which helps catalog the Web in April 1996, which was sold to Amazon.com in 1999. Mr. Kahle earned a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1982. As a student, he studied artificial intelligence with W. Daniel Hillis and Marvin Minsky. In 1983, Mr. Kahle helped start Thinking Machines, a parallel supercomputer maker, serving there as a lead engineer for six years. He serves on the boards of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, the European Archive, the Television Archive, and the Internet Archive.

Presenters (in alphabetical order)

Lori Delaney is Head of Library & Research Translation Services at the Carolina Population Center (CPC), a research center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ms. Delaney oversees all library operations and provides guidance on a variety of scholarly communications issues including compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. In addition, Ms. Delaney is CPC’s media liaison. She develops feature stories and announcements about the Center’s research and helps researchers connect with various news media sources. She has served on APLIC’s Board of Directors since 2004 including as Treasurer (2005-07), Vice President (2007-08), President (2008-09), and Vice Chair/Past President (2009-10). She joined CPC in 2005. From 2001 until 2005, she worked at IntraHealth (known as Intrah until 2003) as the Resource Center Manager. Prior to that, she worked in libraries in Wisconsin and the state of Washington. Ms. Delaney received her MLIS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her BA degree in International Relations from the University of Minnesota.

William Fennie is Coordinator of the Information Core of the Maryland Population Research Center at the University of Maryland. He supports the research mission of Center by providing front-end web services and information management support to faculty and staff focused on population research. His areas of expertise include content management systems as public / internal knowledge frameworks, virtual collaboration tools, business system processes, and user experience / design. His most recent work explored researcher uses of dedicated project websites and researcher participation in online discussions. He earned a Master of Information Management from the University of Maryland.

Philip Gust is a member of the LOCKSS digital preservation project at the Stanford University Libraries. He has been a CTO, VP, and Engineering Director at several early stage companies. He was a Principal Investigator and R&D Manager at HP Labs and managed the development of over a dozen products. At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he worked on unmanned spacecraft missions to every planet in the Solar System. He also taught Computer Science and Systems Engineering at the University of Arizona. Mr. Gust is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Senior Life Member of the ACM, and treasurer of the Silicon Valley chapter of SLA. He earned a BS in Mathematics and Psychology and a MS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Arizona.

Mary McEniry is Director of Data Sharing for Demographic Research at ICPSR, University of Michigan. Her research interests revolve around the demography of aging, cross-national comparisons of early life conditions and older adult health, and health and mortality in U.S. Hispanic populations and developing country populations. Her current research examines early life conditions and older adult health in low, middle and high income countries.

Andrea Mitchell has been a librarian in the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) field for nearly four decades. She is currently part time librarian at the Institute for Scientific Analysis and Executive Director of the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists (SALIS), an international association of AOD librarians and information specialists, which she helped to establish in the late 1970s. As the chief librarian for one of the National Alcohol Research Centers for most of her career, she gained a broad knowledge of the AOD field and the information sources, databases, libraries, and information centers that support it. Ms. Mitchell edits the SALIS News, the association’s newsletter, and compiles “New Books”, a bimonthly column for one of the leading addiction journals. Currently she is working on a report on digitization in the AOD field.

Lori Rosman is a Public Health Informationist at Johns Hopkins University, Welch Medical Library, where she provides embedded library services to departments in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She provides customized information support in areas such as literature and data searching, current awareness, information management, and subject-specific portal development. She supports the research efforts of many Centers at Hopkins, including the Hopkins Population Center, where she is a member of the Information Core staff. Prior to joining Welch Medical Library, Ms. Rosman worked at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP) providing information services on projects primarily focusing on reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS prevention in developing countries. She received her MLS degree from the University of Maryland. She has been a member of the APLIC board since joining the organization in 2007.

Paola Scommegna is senior writer / editor at the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) and has worked for a variety of research and educational organizations, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was on PRB’s staff at two other intervals – editing Population Trends and Public Policy in the mid-1980s and their former newsletter Population Today in the mid-1990s.

Libbie Stephenson has been manager and director of the UCLA Social Science Data Archive since 1977. She has held leadership positions in numerous professional organizations, including the ICPSR, IASSIST, APDU, and Roper Center. She has often served as a lecturer in the UCLA department of Information Studies as well as in social science departments and professional schools. She is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences, including ALA, IFDO, SAA, and IASSIST.

Jon Stiles is the data archivist of UC DATA, the social science data archive for UC Berkeley, and the Executive Director of the California Census Research Data Center (CCRDC). He has worked supporting secondary data use at UC Berkeley since 1995, and represents ICPSR, the Roper Center, and the Census State Data Center network at Berkeley.  He has an MA in Demography and a PhD in Sociology from UCB, and interests in immigration, education, and expanding use of secondary data.