2011 Annual Banquet – Zaytinya

This year we will enjoy Mediterranean cooking at one of Washington’s popular eateries, Zaytinya.

Check out the restaurant website.

How to get there

To reach our banquet destination, Zaytinya at 701 9th St. NW, you have the option of taking a taxi or taking the metro. A taxi should cost about $8 plus tip one-way. Allow about 15 mins. The metro should cost $2.15 one-way if you have a smart card and $2.40 if you use a paper farecard. Allow 9 mins. on the train and potential waiting time of about 6 mins. If you need to buy a farecard allow more time. You will see the machines as you enter the station. You can use cash or credit cards. If you plan to metro back to the hotel buy a card for $4.80.

The Metro is REALLY closeWalk outside the hotel and head to Connecticut Ave. to your right. If you exit on Woodley Rd. turn right and walk a short distance to Connecticut Ave. and take a right. Walk less than a block until you see the Metro pylon with the big M. Go down the escalator or elevator and if you have your farecard head for the turnstiles. The paper farecards go in the slot in the front and pop up the top as you go through. Wait a few seconds for the turnstile to open and take your card. You must take it with you to exit the system or until it is used up at your destination (you won’t get it back if you have spent all the money on it). The smartcards (plastic) can be held up against the green decals with arrows on the top or right side of the turnstiles.

Head for the lower escalator and look for the signs on the pylons that show that trains are headed to Glenmont and that show the station to which you are going – Gallery Place. Take the train headed to Glenmont for 4 stops to Gallery Place-Chinatown and look for signs for the exit at 9th& G Sts.

When you arrive at street level you will be standing next to the Museum of American Art & National Portrait Gallery which share a building. Across G St. on the same side of 9th St. will be Zaytinya. Tell the hostess that you are there for the ICRW banquet on the upper level.

Google Maps image of 9th & G

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