31st Annual Conference (March 1998)

The Promised Land: Views of an Evolving Immigrant Population

March 30 – April 1, 1998

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Chicago, IL

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Monday March 30, 1998
9:00-9:30am – Introductions and Announcements

9:30-10:15am – Sydney Sidwell, Senior Information Specialist, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (website)

10:30-11:15am – Immigration Counts in the 2000 Census: What We Might Expect, Del Ervin, Demographer and Associate Professor of Sociology, Census and Data Users Services, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

11:15am – 12:00pm – Community Building Through Participatory Research, Atanacio Gonzalez, Senior Planner, Nathalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement at the University of Illinois in Chicago (website)

2:00-2:45pm – Carl Davidson, Manager Community Technology Program, Chicago Coalition for Information Access

3:00-3:30pm – La Bibliotheque est Interessante: Inside INED, INSEE, CEPED, and CICRED, Maryann Belanger, Librarian, Office of Population Research, Princeton University,

3:30-5:00pm – Roundtable Discussion Groups (to be held concurrently)

  1. Effect of the Internet on our work lives – future changes we see. Moderated by Kay Willson, The Future’s Group International.
  1. WWW design-related issues – designing and maintaining web pages – how do we decide what, when, and where?
    Moderated by Elizabeth A. Evans, Carolina Population Center.
  1. Librarians as Data Managers – how did it happen? How are we educating ourselves? Cataloging, storage and retrieval issues. Moderated by Wendy Brand, Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tuesday March 31, 1998
9:00-9:45am – Migration and Fertility : Making the Connection, David Lindstrom, Sociology Professor PSTC Brown University (website)

9:45-10:30am – Immigration : Issues and Attitudes, Steve Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies

10:45-11:30am – Reaching Out to Chicago Multicultural and Multiethnic Populations Through Innovative Library Programs, Charlotte Kim, Assistant Commissioner for Neighborhood Services, Chicago Public Library, Office of Neighborhood Services.

2:00-3:15pm – Guided Tour, The Chicago Historical Society, Rooting, Uprooting: The West Side fourth in the Neighborhoods: Keepers of Culture exhibition and Researcher’s Gallery tour.

Wednesday April 1, 1998
9:00-10:00am – APLIC-I Board Meeting

10:15-12:00pm – APLIC-I Business Meeting and 1999 Conference planning (all Conference attendees are welcome)

12:00pm – Adjourn meeting