30th Annual Conference (March 1997)


30th Annual Conference of the
Assoc. for Population/Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers-International

Hyatt Grand Hotel, Washington D.C.
March 24-27, 1997

Monday, March 24
Pre-conference Field Trips

APLIC Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 25

Bob McCann, APLIC President

African Internet Communications: The Leland Initiative
Summary by Gretl Cox, Librarian, JSI Inc.

International Census Sources

Electronic Journal Resources and Databases
Summary by Abigail Hourwich, Information Center Officer, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region

U.S. Government Information in Electronic Formats

APLIC Issues Groups

  • WWW technical issues: mounting PAA papers and Working Papers
  • Technical Services: Cataloging, Union lists, weeding, last copies
  • APLIC Dupes Program

Wednesday, March 26
Internet Information Resources

Gathering Data and web sources for research
Internet Hands-On Workshops

APLIC Business Meeting

Re-training and updating strategies for Librarians
Summary of presentation by Valerie Taylor, Director of Professional Development, Special Libraries Association. By Nancy Minter, Director, Library and Information Services, The Urban Institute

Electronic document storage, retrieval and delivery
Demonstrations and hands-on experience