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Conference 2014 : Impact? Intrigue? Value-add? The Ins and Outs of Data Visualization

Presenters : Erica Nybro, Measure DHS, and Amanda Makulec, John Snow, Inc.

Stephen Woods reports :

This session identified four distinct stages for creating a useful visual concept. The first stage of the presentation placed on emphasis on identifying your audience and the context of the information to be visualized. Once this is accomplished then author needs to focus on the “story from the data” by looking for trends, patterns, comparisons or surprises. The third stages considers the type of visualization that would best tells the story that the author identified in the previous exercise. In other words, would a chart, infographic, map, graph best highlight your concept. The presenters provided many useful tools for decision-making at this stage and provided a hands-on session to reinforce this concept. Finally, they briefly discussed mechanisms for dissemination and sharing of visual work.

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