Libraries Can Lead: Using SharePoint 2013

Monday, March 29, 2016
“Lightning Talk”

Speaker: LiMin Fields, PAI

This short demonstration of PAI’s intranet portal included a quick tour of the PAI homepage, professional development resource page, and the shared organizational calendar.  The portal was developed to support staff internal information needs and influence organizational behavior by documenting and communicating key business processes, policies and standards.

Many thanks to Liz Nugent for sharing her notes, below:



  • PAI’s intranet is referred to as their “Portal”
  • It was deliberately kept simple in design, and the staff’s most-used items were put up first
  • PAI’s Board has their own portal
  • The Portal is used as a work tool and tracker (e.g. finance forms), includes the Smartsheet (excel-like online tool used for strategic planning, etc.), and allows resource sharing
  • It was built between January and November 2014, and was launched in December 2014
  • It is maintained in-house with occasional vendor support
  • Everything on the Portal should have value added, be up to date, and cross-organizational
  • It includes links to everything the organization needs and uses; it is meant to be a one-stop shop
  • It also includes a staff directory, bios & birthdays, staff travel information , non-work Tips/Asks, new employee page, HR handbook and policies, Admin ZenDesk, PAI jargon, Email Web access, Egnite online file share, IT ZenDesk, and an archive of PAI pubs

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