Issue 63 (Winter 1997)

Winter 1997, Issue #63

The APLIC-International Communicatoris published several times yearly by the Association for Population and Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers, International. Mailing address: c/o Family Health International Library, P.O. Box 13950, RTP, NC 27709 USA. ISSN 09-9847
Peggy D’Adamo, Center for Communications Programs, Johns Hopkins University, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, MD. 21202. Phone: 410-659-6256; Fax: 410-659-6266; e-mail:
Jean Sack, Hopkins Population Center, Johns Hopkins University, 615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205. Phone: 410-955-3573; Fax 410-955-1215; email:

Table of Contents

President’s Message
By Robert McCann

Once again Spring is in the air and besides allergies kicking in we all know that Springtime means it’s time to come together for our annual conference. This year’s conference is being held in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, March 24-26, at the Hyatt Grand Hotel.

I know that Jean Sack has been hard at work to put together a conference that everyone will really enjoy and benefit from; and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again and to hopefully meeting some new faces, either new members or long-time members who haven’t made it to recent conferences.

There is still one position open on the Board of Directors so if anyone is interested in becoming involved in APLIC’s inner workings please contact me ASAP.

For those of you who will be attending the conference next month here are a couple of Washington DC area websites that I’ve found that you might find useful to browse before you head to the conference.
the Washington Web Home Page – the Washington, DC City Pages
Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Let’s reward Jean for all of the hard work she has put into planning this year’s conference by showing up in record numbers.One last thing; I understand that we are losing Lisa Croucher as our APLICommunicator Editor, and I want to personally and publicly thank her for her terrific efforts in putting out the Communicator; she has done a very fine job (despite the fact that I’m always late in getting my letter to the membership to her). When you see her, tell her, “Thank You!” Lisa, Thank You!!!

See you all soon

Bob McCann
President, APLIC-International Robert McCann
APLIC President
Florida State University Population Center

Searching PopCat for PAA papers
By Mary Jane Hill, Reference Librarian
Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina

The Carolina Population Center library has collected Population Association of America conference papers since 1968. PAA papers in the collection can be located by using PopCat, the CPC online catalog. PopCat is accessible over the Internet.

Accessing PopCat

  • Telnet to
  • Login with the user name library
  • Select UNC-CH Library Catalogs (option 1)
  • Select Carolina Population Center Library (option 3)
  • Follow the on-screen help to search the catalog

PopCat offers three ways of searching: Basic, Keyword, and Information Gateway. The default mode is Basic.Basic Searching
Basic permits simple author, title and subject searching. Truncation of search terms is automatic, no special characters are required. Basic searching is useful if you know the author or title of a particular PAA paper.
Author: A=rindfuss r (Enter) (last name first name(or initial))
Title: T=new american reality (Enter)
Subject: S=infant nutrition (Enter) (PopCat subject headings are taken from A User’s Guide to POPLINE Keywords)
To exit the Basic catalog, type quit (Enter).
Keyword Searching
Keyword permits use of the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT. It also allows users to limit their searches to PAA papers exclusively. To enter Keyword searching, type k (Enter) at the Basic catalog’s prompt. All searches in Keyword must be prefaced with fi (find).

  • To search for PAA papers and other PAA publications, type the name of the organization: fi population association of america (Enter)
  • To view results type di (Enter) Continue pressing (Enter) to view all records
  • To combine search results type fi s1 and s2 (find set 1 and set 2). When combining search sets always refer to set numbers: s1, s2, etc.
  • Author searching
    If the author is known, perform an author search. Type: fi au rindfuss
    Then combine results with the previous search set: fi s1 and s2 (find Population Association of America and author Rindfuss)
  • Date limiting
    Search for a single year or decade. Type:
    fi pu 1989 (find publication year 1989)
    fi pu 199# (find all 1990s publication years)
    Then combine results with other search sets.
  • Format limiting
    Limit to those PAA papers that are also available electronically. Type:
    fi mode (find mode of access)
    Then combine results with other search sets.
  • Displaying and Printing
    Display and print commands are parallel. Use di to display and pr to print:
    di (Enter) displays one record at a time
    di 1-3 (Enter) displays records 1-3 from last search set
    di s3 2-5 (Enter) displays records 2-5 from search set 3
    pr 1-3 (Enter) prints records 1-3 from last search set
    pr s3 2-5 (Enter) prints records 2-5 from search set 3
    The default print format provides call number and citation. If a complete record is desired add full to the print command: pr 1-3 full
  • Exiting Keyword
    To leave Keyword and return to the Basic catalog, type stop and press (Enter).

Gateway Searching
Gateway is a pull-down, menu-driven version of PopCat. Author, title, subject, and keyword searches are possible. Use of Gateway offers two advantages: search results can be sorted by either author, title, chronological or reverse chronological order, and search results can be sent to an electronic mail address.

  • Accessing Gateway
    Telnet to
    Login with the user name library
    Select UNC-CH Library Catalogs (option 1)
    Select UNC-CH Library Catalogs — Menu version (option 2) and press
    Follow the screen instructions
    From File, press the down arrow key
    Type d for Database and press (Enter), or use the arrow keys to highlight Other Databases and press (Enter)
    Use the arrow keys to select PopCat — CPC Library and press (Enter)
  • Searching Gateway
    From File, press the down arrow key
    Select desired mode of searching (Enter)
    Follow screen instructions
  • Viewing Records
    Search results are displayed in a numbered hitlist style with the number of records matching the search appearing in brackets. To view desired records, type the appropriate line number and press (Enter). A second hitlist will appear for those lines having more than one matching record. Follow screen instructions to move between screens.
  • Printing Records
    From either the Hitlist Display or Holdings Display screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Options.
    From Options, press the down arrow key to highlight either Print or Print This Record and press (Enter)
  • Mailing Records Electronically
    From either the Hitlist Display or Holdings Display screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Options.
    From Options, press the down arrow key to highlight Print to File and press (Enter).
    If search resulted in more than one record, enter the numbers of the desired records and press (Enter)
    Next, from the Options menu use the arrow keys to highlight Print Option and press (Enter)
    Use arrow keys to highlight Procedures and press (Enter)
    Then use arrow keys to highlight Electronic mail Records and press (Enter)
    Type an electronic mail address and press (Enter).
  • Exiting Gateway
    Use the arrow keys to highlight the pull down menu option, Quit, and press (Enter)
    Follow the screen instructions.
  • Document Delivery
    PAA papers are copied and mailed by request for $3.00 per paper. Limited copies at no charge can be sent to Exchange Agreement libraries. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the CPC Library Reference Desk. Send electronic mail to or telephone (919)962-3081.Mary Jane Hill
    Reference Librarian
    Carolina Population Center
    University of North Carolina

Membership Update
By Lisa Newman, APLIC Membership Chair
Librarian, Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania

New APLIC members are listed below. The membership renewal form is available at APLICform.html. The updated membership list is available at APLICmem.html. The 1997 membership stands at seventy individuals, including sustaining memberships and 16 new members.

Elizabeth Behrendt
World Resources Institute Library
bethb@wri.orgLisa Broniszewski
Population Research Institute
Pennsylvania State University

Judy Firebaugh
Automation Librarian
Hopkins Population Center

Professor Andrei Rogers
Population Program
University of Colorado at Boulder

Matthew Smith (student member)
The Future’s Group International

Sarah Kolda
Princeton University
Office of Population Research

John Doenges
Information Center
Macro International

Documents Center
Societatea de Educatie
Contraceptiva Si Sexuala (SECS)
Bucharest, Romania
POLICYROM@aol.comPearl Johnson
Population Studies Center
University of Michigan

Frances Tait (Sustaining membership)
International Planned Parenthood Federation
London, UK

Christine Matthews
Library Services for NGOs & Nonprofits
Washington, DC

Jennifer A Wisnewski
Library Assistant
Population Action International